Gonepterix cleopatra

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Gonepterix cleopatra

ProjectSpatial manuscript
CuratorJetteke Bolten
OrganizationVedute Foundation

Vedute invites artists and architects to express their ideas about space in a manuscript with a fixed size of 44 x 32 x 7 cm. In this way, Vedute builds a library of visual statements about space.
The manuscript Gonepteryx cleopatra (no. 100) was made as part of a sub-project Space and Colour, to which twenty artists and architects have been invited by curator Jetteke Bolten.
The work consists of a wooden drawer/butterfly cabinet, in which yellow/orange butterflies (Gonepteryx cleopatra) are pinned behind glass. The drawer is stored in a sheath. Once upon a time, butterflies flew in a free space, fluttering from flower to flower.

‘Description: male has a strikingly large orange field on the upper part of most of the forewing, missing in the female, which is light green and can be confused with the female of the Lemon Butterfly.
Appearance: roadsides and lightly wooded areas.
Flight period: one generation from February to August.
Distribution: ‘Southern Europe from Spain to Yugoslavia.’
(source: John Feltwell, Brian Hargraves, Vlinders, Thieme, Baarn, 1993)

Photography: Tonny de Rover

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