About my work

The artworks I develop are always site specific, such as a schoolyard, a cemetery or a residential area. Each location has its own history, spaciousness and function. I incorporate these contextual properties into my art projects. This creates a relationship with the environment; they are not autonomous works. Sometimes a work of art can be ‘utilized’ by the public. For example in my garden projects, where you can experience the entire space in which your senses are stimulated.
In my approach to design, I don’t differentiate between art projects and garden designs. The garden as a cultural space is a fascinating phenomenon, because a garden always is an enclosed space in which controlled nature can thrive. lace. I have used elements from the history of the garden in my artworks, but I have also designed and executed complete gardens. From my perspective both the works of art and the gardens revolve around the meaning that the work has for people and their environment. In other words, the way you can interpret and experience the artwork or the garden.

Advice on art projects

A good artwork represents the culmination of the inspiration and curiosity of all the parties involved in the creative process. Interest in one another’s ideas, an open mind and enthusiasm are important aspects of a fruitful partnership.
I provide advice based on my experience as an artist, and act as intermediary from the outset right up to the delivery of the artwork. My role involves developing a vision, managing the process and providing practical support.
Over the course of recent years I have worked as an adviser for many different clients, both central government and local councils. This has resulted in an array of artworks at very diverse locations: artworks developed specially for that specific place, with enormous dedication from the artist and the client. These artworks have become an integral part of everyday public life.

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