The Patchwork Garden oktober 2023

Also in autumn there is still a green, flowering garden. The International Garden Festival in Chaumont-sur-Loire ends on November 5.

Le Prix du Jardin transposable voor de Patchwork Garden

On June 21 The Patchwork Garden was awarded ‘Le Prix du Jardin transposable’. The price for a garden that can best be translated into a private garden. We are very happy with this appreciation and thank the jury and the Domaine Chaumont-sur-Loire.

Festival International des Jardins 2023, Chaumont-sur-Loire

We are honored that our design The Patchwork Garden is part of the International Garden Festival in Chaumont-sur-Loire. The design was developed and executed in collaboration with Lau Heemskerk, grower and garden designer. The theme this year is ‘resilient garden’.
Climate change threatens both nature and humans. The Patchwork Garden is a garden where you can experience the beauty of plants. At the same time, the garden is self-sufficient because all plants have edible parts. The garden offers a place where you can take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Read more:  International Garden Festival 2023

The Patchwork Garden, design

The design of the Patchwork Garden is a rhythm inspired by a flat landscape. The long strips consist of rectangular surfaces. There is an edible plant species in each colored area. On the sides of this grid are shrubs, annuals and ground cover plants.

Puzzelstuk, spring 2023

Puzzlestuk is a residential care complex for young adults. The building will open in April 2023. There is a large, enclosed garden surrounding Puzzlestuk, for which I made the design. Construction started in recent weeks. The trees, climbing plants and shrubs were planted with many volunteers. Perennials coming soon. To be continued!

Borders, soil

A group of 12 students wanted to participate in replanting the 5 borders surrounding the school. Here they learn to recognize different soil types.

Harvest, september 2021

Harvest from the Wiebeltuinen in Elst in the Betuwe is donated to the food bank.

A FRUITY IDEA is the name of this great initiative by Reinoud Post. Other orchards in the region are also available.

Volunteers for the picking can still register:


In recent months, together with teacher Mayke de Groot and the students of De Brug primary school in Leiden, I have renovated five borders around the school. It is a participation project in which the children participate from the beginning to completion.

Harvest! October 2020

On October 16, Theo Houthoff, head of gardens at the Hortus, and I harvested the pumpkin ourselves. He weighed about 8 kilos. Hortus chef Simon has made delicious Cinderella soup from this. A video of the harvest can be seen at Instagram.

Lucas van Leyden Fonds, june 2020

The website of the Lucas van Leyden Fund is online! I am pleased that as a member of the City Curatorium I can contribute ideas about art projects in the public space of Leiden. In addition to supporting applications from the city, the fund organizes the Lucas Art Award and has a driving role to initiate new projects.

Lucas van Leyden Fonds

Gardener and garden designer, July 2019

After three years of plant studies, soil science, pruning, rooting in the earth, garden designs, planting plans and the occasional laying of a path, I am officially a gardener and garden designer! I wanted to know more about plants and it resulted in a course where I gained a lot of extra knowledge. To deepen and broaden my art and garden designs!

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