Heerlijck Zicht in Diepenheim


Heerlijck Zicht is a route past works of art in the landscape around Diepenheim. The route is based on a walk that pastor and walking pioneer Jacobus Craandijk made in 1874. He described the route in ‘Walks through the Netherlands with pen and pencil’.
I designed a temporary garden for the Old General Cemetery in Diepenheim. This cemetery, which was closed in 1910, still contains about 60 stone grave monuments, in an otherwise empty green space. Under the turf are about 400 graves that have not been cleared, but whose wooden grave markers have disappeared over time. The awareness of a forgotten history is shown this summer by marking the old graves with sunflowers: “L’histoire perdue”.
The sunflowers were sown at the beginning of May, 7 types of Helianthus. They are now growing nicely and if the weather gods continue to cooperate, they will bloom in August. The exhibition can be seen from July 1 to September 1

Heerlijck Zicht Article Tubantia (Dutch)

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