High Land (Hoog Land)

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High Land (Hoog Land)

Design sketch

ProjectAn integrated artwork
LocationDragonder Oost
ClientMunicipality of Veenendaal

Veenendaal is lowlying in the Gelderland valley between two hilly landscapes. During heavy rainfall some back gardens fill with water. Dragonder Oost is a new neighbourhood to be built in the moorland landscape that borders the municipality of Veenendaal. The proposal was to achieve a different experience of the urban landscape, not on the ground, but high up. At diverse spots in the area, wooden walk bridges would be constructed for one or more persons, where visitors could pause for a while. Beside the bridges, native trees, such as the alder have been planted, creating fragments of a landscape on poles: never before have you been able to stand so close to the foliage of the crown of a tree, raised above the marshy ground.

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