Hortus in de Bijlmer

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Hortus in de Bijlmer

Exhibition2001: a public space odyssey
ProjectHortus in de Bijlmer
Poster designJan Kleingeld
ClientAmsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst

2001: A public space odyssey is an exhibition that was shown at mupis throughout Amsterdam. Artists have been asked to visualize an idea for art in the city’s public space. Hortus in the Bijlmer is a proposal for an international plant garden in the Bijlmermeer, Amsterdam-Southeast. All plants and trees come from the countries of origin of residents. In 2001 there were 127 nationalities.
Hortus in the Bijlmer was later developed into the Bijlmer Tree Garden.

Read more: Bijlmer Bomentuin.

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