Princess garden (Prinsessetuin)

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Princess garden (Prinsessetuin)

Design sketch

ProjectTo create a visual image to mark the line of sight towards the public garden
LocationDe Prinses residential construction project, Diemen
ClientMunicipality of Diemen

Two new blocks flank a triangular public park with a number of old monumental trees. On the third side there is a street with houses dating from the sixties. The new homes border the park. A line of sight runs from one street to the other along the long building block. The aim for this project was to mark this line of sight. An important point to bear in mind was that the park is not for walking in; it is a garden for viewing. The line of sight is at the same time also the ideal route to cut off the route through the park. There is a high chance that this will become an informal path. The proposal was to lay a lot of lines of sight (or paths) alternately of grass and gravel next to one another. The pattern reflects a baroque garden, where both lines of sight and the use of grass and gravel are part of the structural elements. There is a striped Princess garden, a viewing garden that is at the same time attractive to walk through…

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